2024 EVENT SCHEDULE March-Juen

  • March 1-3 Road Trip Atlantic City Boat Show
  • April 6 DMVBOC Open House/Meet and Greet (Belmont Bay Marina)
  • April 20, 2024 Pre-Season Brunch (TBD)
  • May 3-5 DC Boat Show Exhibitor (National Harbor)
  • May 4, DMVBOC DC Boat Show Reception 

We are excited to announce that we have developed a comprehensive, detailed schedule for the entire year ahead. Our team has put in many hours of hard work and dedication to create a plan that will ensure a well-structured and organized timeline that meets all of our needs. To ensure everyone can easily reference this schedule, we have decided to post it in 90-day increments. This will allow us to provide a more concise and focused schedule for each quarter while still keeping you informed of our long-term plans. We believe that this approach will give everyone enough time to prepare, plan and get excited about all that’s ahead. We are looking forward to sharing this comprehensive schedule with you and hope that it will help make your life easier and more manageable.  


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