When I think about my love for boating, I am taken back to my childhood in Detroit. Living near the Great Lakes, I was captivated by the vastness and beauty of the waters. After joining the Marines, I found myself drawn to the sea even more. Boating became my way of connecting with the ocean and the memories I made during those early days have stayed with me. In 2009, I finally got my first boat, and it was like a dream come true. Since then, I have upgraded twice and enjoy nothing more than taking my loved ones out on the water for the day. The nostalgia that washes over me when I’m out on the water is indescribable.



Lloyd is a passionate boat enthusiast from the bustling city of Houston, Texas. He has possessed a deep-seated appreciation for boats for as long as he can remember. Lloyd’s journey with boats began in 2015 when he bought a small boat to take out on the water. Gradually, his love for boats grew, and he then decided to purchase a bigger, more high-end SeaRay 240 Sundancers boat. With this vessel, he spends countless hours cruising the waterways and indulging in his passion for boats. However, Lloyd’s passion for boats extends far beyond just owning one. He also has a talent for repairing them, installing quality sound systems, and providing sound advice to other boat enthusiasts. The joy he gets from seeing other people’s boats run smoothly is truly fulfilling. Lloyd is always happy to share his knowledge and help others in their pursuit of the perfect boat.